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‘If I stop, it’s going to go away’

Jennifer Lopez touches on her ‘biggest’ performance fear: ‘If I stop, it’s going to go away’

Despite cultivating a name for herself in Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez feels utterly terrified of her future prospects down the road.

During an interview with Billboard right alongside Maluma, Lopez touched upon her fears and admitted, “Being home and being with the kids [12-year-old twins Emme and Max] was really a special time. We got to do things we never do.”

She added, “One of the fears of artists who perform is, ‘If I stop, it’s going to go away’. And it doesn’t. You need to have a little bit more faith in yourself and know that when you’re ready to put out the next album, even if it takes two years, it’s OK.”

The Grammy award-winning singer also concluded by imparting an invaluable life lesson that she has learned to apply in her own life, “You have to take time for things that matter: your kids, your family.”

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